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Therapy approaches

You might be wondering about the multitude of therapeutic approaches out there. Firstly, many of these approaches have proven to be effective for specific problems and individuals. This motivates me to invest significant effort and cultivate expertise across various therapeutic interventions. My goal is to provide the best possible support tailored to each individual's unique needs by combining elements from different approaches and equipping clients with a range of strategies to effectively manage their challenges.

Furthermore, recent research highlights the limitations of solely aligning oneself with only one therapeutic schools, prompting a shift towards a more comprehensive approach, recognizing the valuable contributions each brings to the table.

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To what extent I am the skilled in these approaches?

  I have experience with each of these approaches and am familiar with their techniques and theoretical frameworks. While I am not a certified expert in all of them, my focus is always on providing effective and ethical care to my clients. I am committed to continuously developing my skills and expertise in order to provide the highest quality care to my clients. This includes seeking regular supervision, engaging in ongoing learning, and limiting the number of clients I see per day.

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