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Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

About Solution Focused therapy:

Solution focused therapy (SFT) focuses on identifying and building upon your strengths, resources, skills, and on envisioning and working towards a desired future state solutions rather than dwelling on problems or symptoms.

I will try to show you how to
shift focus from what is wrong or not working to what is already working and how it can be amplified. While SFT focuses on solutions rather than problems, it does not ignore or dismiss your concerns or challenges. SFBT acknowledges the problems or difficulties you are facing, but shifts the focus towards identifying and building upon their strengths and resources to find solutions.

SFT recognizes the
client as the expert of their own life and promotes autonomy and self-determination. 

Few illustrations of SFT models:

Problem talk vs Solution Talk Solution focused therapy tool

In solution-focused therapy, the emphasis is placed on solution talk, as it helps clients shift their perspective, explore possibilities, and generate actionable steps towards their goals.: Reference @marie01375483

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