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Individual therapy International Psychologist Netherlands
in Veldhoven | Eindhoven & Online

Life is rarely without challenges. In moments of difficulty, the vision of the world may cloud with fear, tension, and stress. This can make you feel stuck and caught in the cycle of persistent negative thoughts making it difficult to pursue opportunities and move forward. Yet, by facing and addressing personal challenges, your life can improve and fill with more positive colors. Recognizing that you have the capacity to make changes, I will do my best to guide, support and inspire you to reach your desired future.

Approach to problems

People often get stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving, believing, and feeling, which are connected to their past and present life experiences, habits, and personal biology. Therapy can help uncover these patterns, leading to self-discovery. This insight can already lead to improvements in your life.


Therapy can also foster flexibility, and adaptability. By working together, we will develop new and more adaptive ways of thinking, behaving and being. 

Therapy Sessions


Creating a safe & collaborative space
Creating a safe and collaborative space. Psychologist Eindhoven


Discovery Phase
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Path to progress
Identifying what you want to accomplish and how you'll get there and what type of approach work best for you Psychologist Eindhoven

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Active implementation and Charting progress
Working together to reach the identified goals. We continually assesses your progress and makes adjustments as necessary. Psychologist Eindhoven

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Finalizing the therapeutic journey & advancing stronger
Exploring your future and  your life after therapy. Ensuring that you have the tools and support you need to keep moving forward Eindhoven Psychologist

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             In therapy, unresolved issues or underlying factors may arise. We will frequently revisit earlier stages to refine the treatment plan based on new insights and evolving goals and new life experiences. 

Although this is a commonly employed therapy process format, it's crucial to understand that your unique therapy experience may not align with it.

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How treatment is individualized?

Examples of treatment steps:

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In person therapy in Veldhoven (Eindhoven)

Some people find it easier to establish a connection with their therapist when meeting face-to-face. In-person therapy helps to see better each others facial expressions, body language, and hear tone of voice. Better recognizing non-verbal cues can provide deeper insight into your thoughts and emotions. Therapist can use their body language and presence more effectively which can help to convey empathy, understanding, and support. 

Therapy in person can also ensure better focus on your problems as it is designed to be a professional and safe environment free from distractions.

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