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About me. International Psychologist Netherlands

Hello, I am Indre, an English and Lithuanian-speaking psychologist.

I have genuine fascination with the life stories, experiences, and inner worlds of each individual. I see meaning and satisfaction from making a positive impact on people's well-being.


From my perspective, every individual is deserving of understanding and help and no issue is to small to get the help you need!

Indre Brinkyte
psychologist Eindhoven

Focusing on creating Safe Space

Evidence Based Interventions

In-depth Knowledge of Psychology

Supporter of innovative out-of-the Box Interventions

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First year of BA Psychology, (60ECT)

LCC International University, Lithuania


MSc Clinical Psychology, 2022, Cum Laude (119ECT)

Leiden University+Erasmus Rotterdam Universities, Netherlands.


ISST-approved training program Schema therapy

Schematherapie opleiding, Netherlands

2018- 2021

BSc Psychology (251ECT)

Leiden University, Netherlands.


Postgraduate Psychotherapy studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & other evidence based approached, (180ECT)

University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

(BSc and MSc completed with numerous of additional courses of clinical psychology) On my linkedin you can read more about my educational background

vLOGO statement, registration number: 23518875.

member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP): 243225.

KvK number: 90808339.

Work experience

Clinical Psychology intern
(Psychiatric hospital unit., Lithuania)

Emotional support counselor
(Suicide prevention helpline "Youth line", Lithuania

Mentor, tutor, counselor, psychologist
(Several healthcare, non profit organizations, & education institutions, Lithuania, Netherlands, Bulgaria)

Psycho-diagnostics, individual and group treatment sessions for a diverse patients' population (depression, psychosis, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, personality disorders) as well as psycho-educational group activities.

Providing counseling services to individuals facing various difficulties, such as relationship challenges, suicidal ideation, self-harm, bullying, self-image concerns, loss, mood disorders, addiction, and more.

Jun - Nov 2022

2014 - outgoing

2015 - outgoing

Engaging in diverse work with children, adolescents, and families, which encompasses providing support to children from at-risk families, offering mentoring, and assisting in the attainment of various social, emotional, or cognitive goals.

Trainings and seminars:

Systemic Family Counseling  |  Mindfulness Training  |  LGBT Counseling, Support, Inclusion, and Understanding Discrimination  | Crisis Intervention Training | Intensive Emotional Training Course (Active Listening)  |  Bullying Prevention  |  Loss and Bereavement  |  Various Training Courses on Emotions and Emotional Intelligence Supporting Children from At-Risk Families |  Helping Clients with Aggression and Emotion Regulation Difficulties   |   Existential and Humanistic Therapy Workshop   |   Psycho-dynamic Therapy Workshop  |   Positive Psychology and more

I am profoundly thankful for the chance to accompany you on your personal journey. If you find that my approach aligns with your needs and preferences, I warmly invite you to schedule an initial appointment with me.

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